Rob Kuhlman

Photo by Whitney Wheeler, SuperSirenStudios

Done the Impossible (Ballad of Serenity)

Music by Joss Whedon and Rob Kuhlman
Lyrics by Joss Whedon and Rob Kuhlman, Mike Garner, and Heather Ryan

ROB KUHLMAN - produced,engineered,music,lyrics,guitars,lead vocals

Every Browncoat has a story of how they fell in love with Joss Whedon’s vision Firefly. For musician Rob Kuhlman he became immersed with Firefly after his friend Jackie Smith said “You love westerns and sci-fi. You HAVE to see this.” And like most of us, he became an immediate fan. “I knew I was really addicted when I watched ‘Out Of Gas’ and was emotionally drained by its story. Joss is the ultimate storyteller for me. The verse he has created is so well conceived and layered with emotions, foreshadowing, rich colors, and not to mention the most talented cast and believable characters I have ever witnessed.”

Knowing that his friendship with Jackie did not include borrowing the DVD box set forever, much less the weeks he had already been watching and re-watching the episodes, Rob went online to buy his own copy and he learned from that the “Big Damn Heroes” had been in town for a convention called Dragon*Con. Only to have missed it by two days!

A full year passed before Rob made it to Dragon*Con 2005. He made quick friends with Jewel and Matty spending about half the convention with them. “They were the nicest people and I have great respect for both of them. I was also honored to meet Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass and Morena Baccarin.” Rob later learned at the Browncoat home base (room 640) that there was a documentary being made by two new friendly Browncoats he had just met.

“Brian Wiser and Jeremy Neish were clearly dedicated to their craft and I felt compelled to help them share the story of Firefly with all the Browncoats around the world. I proposed a theme song using the Ballad of Serenity as the chorus while infusing rock production into the original ethnic sounds as well. I was so excited that I composed the verses the day after Dragon*Con. I then called on the worlds greatest Firefly fan Heather Ryan to help refine it. Mike Garner and I had met at Dragon con only days earlier and we had an immediate bond of friendship. I knew I would need a banjo player to keep the ethnic sound, but how many Browncoats do you know that sing and can play the banjo part too? For me there was only one, Mike Garner. He was a constant support to the project from start to finish. And a big thanks also goes to Nathan Colllins for the great drum work and support beyond the call of duty.” The recording was mixed and mastered by the legendary audio engineer Rodney Mills (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey, 38 special, Atlanta Rhythm section.) He has over 40 gold records to his credit.

Rob Kuhlman is a professional musician (guitar, bass) from Atlanta GA. He teaches over 45 students at Music Go Round and owns a recording studio called Root Cellar. He tours in the rock band Father Peter and has his own original band called Bellum Rose. He is also crazy enough to own a 3x5 foot model of Serenity which he his having retrofitted with a light to hang over his pool table.
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HEATHER RYAN - Lyric consultant

I've been a fan of Joss Whedon's for years now, so becoming a fan of Firefly was something that automatically happened, no questions asked. I bought the DVDs when they came out, and fell in love. A little too much, some of my friends would say, but they love it too whether they admit it or not.

I became involved in the writing of the Done The Impossible theme song after Rob (Kuhlman) and I met the creators of said documentary at Dragon*Con 2005, in Atlanta, Georgia, this past year. I loved the project from the get-go, and was honored when Rob asked me to help him out with the lyrics. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the finished product, and want to thank everyone involved for creating such a wonderful tribute to the Browncoats. If there's anyone in the 'verse who deserves it, it's definitely them, and I'm honored to call myself one.

MICHAEL JAY GARNER - banjo, backup vocals

Due to unfortunate obliviousness*, Mike is a relative newcomer to the world of Firefly and Serenity. However, he is honored and excited to be counted among the diverse, intelligent, and hilarious folks better known as the Browncoats. As a fire-spitting, banjo playing, juggling Asian knife thrower, Mike has always found it rather difficult to find a group where he completely fits in...until now.

*For a complete time-line of Mike's obliviousness, please refer to:


Rob Kuhlman: lead vocals, 6 string electric and acoustic guitars, 12 string acoustic guitars.

Michael Jay Garner: banjo, backup vocals
Nathan Collins: Drums, percussion
Billy Holmes: keyboards, bass, sound effects
Whitney Wheeler: backup vocals
Randy Smith: Fiddle

COPRODUCED BY: Michael Jay Garner
ASSISTANT ENGINEERED BY: Michael Jay Garner, Michael Blansett,
MIXED AND MASTERED BY: Rodney Mills with assistance from Matt Leatherman