Bedlam Bards

Hawke and Cedric, the Bedlam Bards, are famous for playing foot-stomping, heart-pounding music about outlaws, pirates, sailing ships, misadventures, and strong drink at renaissance festivals, scifi conventions, and shindigs across the country. They have several albums out, including the best-selling Take Out the Trash, a collection of bawdy ditties.

Long-time fans of Whedon's work, the Bedlam Bards watched Firefly when it aired and have been hooked ever since. Inspired by the writer's dogged determination to keep the story alive, they composed and circulated "The Ballad of Joss" and other Firefly-related songs to encourage fans to engage in guerrilla marketing.

More information about the Bedlam Bards-including links to their music, drinking games, international fan club, and purity test-can be found at

The Bedlam Bards have participated in fundraisers for Equality Now and other charities.

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