Emerald Rose

"Music that hobbits would like!" is one good description of Emerald Rose's eclectic Celtic-Rock sound. That's what the organizers at Tolkien fan-site www.theonering.net thought, and why the band was invited to play the last two Hollywood Oscars-night parties for the cast and crew of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" cinema epics. Their music is featured in the Tolkien fan film "Ringers: Lord of the Fans" as well as the upcoming Firefly/Serenity documentary "Done The Impossible" (www.donetheimpossible.com). Besides Hobbit parties, the band plays pubs, clubs, theaters, Celtic festivals, and sci-fi conventions all over the USA (with an occasional trip to Ireland as well!) Since 1997, the band has been developing a unique sound blending guitar, pennywhistle, world percussion and harmony vocals that dances through many styles, from traditional Celtic dance to modern folk/rock, mythic ballads, pop, and humor. The band has five CD's available, including their new 2005 release "Archives of Ages to Come."

The band's music also has appeal to the Pagan and bardic lore/mythology set, with songs such as the oracular Goddess chant "Freya, Shakti" and the high-energy "Fire In The Head" among their most popular live numbers. And the band regularly mixes in a healthy dose of humor, with numbers like "Vampire Girl from Orn" and "Chicken Raid of Cymru".

Emerald Rose is based in North Georgia, and their website is www.EmeraldRose.com.