Dan Sehane

Dan Sehane is a singer/songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He writes and records songs about life, love, loss, death, girls, music, comics, TV shows and whatever else strikes his fancy. Previous hits (i.e., his roommate really likes them) include “Howard Hawks is Great”, “I Heart Steve Reeves” and “Captain Archer My Ass”.

A devoted Buffy and Angel fan, Dan remembers watching “The Train Job” on FOX, with great expectations and a plateful of priktai. Both were delicious. Many taped episodes, DVDs, take-out boxes and Serenity viewings later, Dan remains grateful to the Firefly cast and crew for their layered, funny, heartfelt world-building. He’s also gained, like, fifty pounds. Seriously, the doctors say his heart is in trouble.

Dan composed and recorded his Serenity ode, “I’m Gonna See Serenity”, just three days before the film’s debut. He livened up Tulsa screenings with impromptu performances at local theaters. Audiences responded enthusiastically, with loud cries of “Shut up!”, “Mommy, make the bad man stop!” and “They’re not showing that here, stupid, this is ‘Into the Blue’”.

Dan is currently at work on a new collection of songs for his popular artist page at http://www.last.fm/music/Dan+Sehane. Contact him if you’d like – he’ll write songs on commission and is available for live shows, hoot nights and, you know, general lawn care. Will work for Thai food.