Starfury Convention 9/28/2007

Brian from Done The Impossible will be at the Starfury: Serenity LA Convention November 2-4 in Los Angeles, with a good portion of the cast in attendance. Starfury, that has been hosting events in the UK for 10 years, has a lot of fun activities and exclusive parties planned for their first event in the USA.

Film Festivals 9/20/2007

Done The Impossible has been accepted into the Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival in Canada, and has the distinction of being an Official Selection at many film festivals around the world:

* Beverly Hills High-Def - Beverly Hills, USA - Dec 2006

* Comic-Con International - San Diego, USA - July 2007

* Fantasy Worldwide - Toronto, Canada - Dec 2007

* Indianapolis International - Indianapolis, USA - April 2007

* Phoenix Film Festival - Phoenix, USA - April 2007

* Sci-Fi London - London, UK - May 2007

DragonCon 2007 - Updates 9/4/2007

DragonCon was an incredible experience. Both Ron Glass and Mark Shepard were very entertaining. And we finally learned the secret of Book's past - according to Ron, Book was a....choreographer. There were more Browncoats in the parade than ever before, but something tells me it will be topped next year.

Our good friend Rob Kuhlman, who did the DTI theme song, has created a new full-length album "Brother Browncoat," being released December 11th. Browncoats who attended the DragonCon shindig were the first to get a taste.

AbbyShot's cool Browncoat replica has been upgraded with screen-accurate mechanical buckles, and they've dropped the price on their Zoe Vest.

DragonCon 2007 8/22/2007

At DragonCon in Atlanta, Brian from Done The Impossible will be at the Southeastern Browncoats table 1109 in the Hilton's Grand Salon.

Brian will have a Q&A and screening at the Hilton, Friday 10PM to midnight, and will also show the promo DVD created for the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings. Attendees will receive a walkthrough for the hilarious, yet sometimes elusive DTI Easter Eggs.

On Sunday at 7pm, make sure to stop by the Still Flyin' panel where Brian and others will share their thoughts on how fans and companies are keeping Firefly's spirit active. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

DTI played in the Comic-Con Film Festival last month, and was one of about 20 films that were shown from over 150 that were entered. It truly was an honor just to be nominated. While it didn't win an award, it did receive an "Official Comic-Con Selection" certificate.

Comic-Con 2007 7/24/2007

At Comic-Con in San Diego, Brian and Jeremy from Done The Impossible will be at the California Browncoats table A7-A8, so stop by and say 'hi'. We'll also be at the Browncoats meeting room on Sunday July 29th, from around 3pm in room 24A

Done The Impossible has been accepted into the Comic-Con 2007 International Film Festival, and will show on Thursday July 26th, 6:00-7:30pm, Room 26AB. While Comic-Con was generous and showed our film last year, it was outside of the festival competition. Come and join us!

Joss's Birthday! 2 for 1 Sale - Last Day! 6/30/2007

In celebration of Joss's Birthday we are offering our first ever sale on Done The Impossible.

If you order Done the Impossible between June 23 and June 30, and you will receive either 2 copies of the Done The Impossible DVD or one copy of the DVD and one copy of the CD Soundtrack, your choice (after you order, please email us your preference).

This is a great opportunity to help spread the Firefly joy by giving your free copy to a friend (or complete stranger!)

Today is your last chance to get in on the sale!

Sponsorships and Cruise Giveaway 6/1/2007

Done the Impossible and Browncoat Cruise are global sponsors for the Can't Stop the Serenity charity screenings.

Would you like to win a cruise cabin for two on Browncoat Cruise? You must attend a Can't Stop the Serenity charity screening this June to enter. One finalist will be chosen from each of the cities holding Can't Stop The Serenity events in 2007. The winner will be drawn by Browncoat Cruise on July 2, 2007, and promoted online.

For more details, please visit

Film Festival Update 4/10/2007

We are very excited that Done The Impossible will be featured at several upcoming film festivals:

The Phoenix Film Festival on April 13th.

Indianapolis International Film Festival on April 28th and 29th. Additional details are available on their blog.

And Sci-Fi-London on May 5th.

We've also updated our listing on IMDb with some shiny pictures. Please stop by and share your comments.

Sci-Fi and Orson Scott Card Reviews 2/28/2007

We have two new shiny "Done The Impossible" reviews to report. reviewed "Done The Impossible" and awarded the DVD an "A"!

Orson Scott Card wrote a review of "Done The Impossible". Here is an Excerpt:

"You can view this documentary as an anthropological adventure, moving you into a culture that is more influential in American life than you think, yet which remains largely invisible -- and is ridiculed whenever it surfaces in the local news....Think of it as a freelance "special features" DVD and you'll recognize it as one of the best every created. Think of it as National Geographic doing a special on one of America's most fascinating tribes, and it'll be even better."

Amazon, Donation, Serenity Props, WonderCon 2/27/2007

Last week the Done The Impossible DVD reached an all-time high sales ranking of 259 on Amazon! Thanks to everyone for making that possible.

Thanks to and in the name of Browncoats around the world who purchased our DVD, Done The Impossible has donated $5,000 to Equality Now. reviewed DTI and gave us an A!

Our friends at QMx who brought us the Serenity Money Pack, has Mal's Pistol in the works and many more detailed replicas to come. Sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Brian and Jeremy will be at WonderCon in San Francisco March 2-4, promoting DTI and the Browncoat Cruise. Please stop by and say hi at the Browncoats booth F1-F2. And make sure to see the Drive panel on Sunday from 2:30-3:30pm with Nathan Fillion. Lets support Tim Minear and help make this the first of many non-cancelled TV series to come.

Done the Impossible in Hi Def Film Fest 12/20/2006

Done the Impossible has been accepted into the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival. The screening will take place at the Fine Arts Theatre, 8556 Wilshire Boulevard (just west of La Cienega) in Beverly Hills. For more information, go to

While DTI has been entered several film festivals, this is our first and we would love to share the experience with you. To facilitate that, we will be giving away 250 tickets to our showing at 9:30pm Wednesday December the 27th. We’ll be there a few hours before showtime and may enlist the help of the SoCal Browncoats to give them away.

See you there!

Amazon Update and Latest Review 11/26/2006

In keeping an eye on Amazon's Top DVD sales, we're happy to announce that we've broken the top 1000 several times over the last couple of months. Right now we are #3,120 - which isn't too bad when you consider there's a lot of stuff being sold at Amazon this Christmas season. Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to buy all your Friends and Family a copy of Done The Impossible for Christmas.


Eclipse Magazine just reviewed Done the Imposssible and gave the DVD a B+ (The Movie got a B and the Special Features got an A). The Soundtrack CD also received an A! Some favorite quotes from the review:

"This is one of those "if-I-had-a-camera-I'd-do-this" films that usually wind up boring people to tears at family gatherings. The big difference between those vanity projects and Done The Impossible is simple - Done The Impossible is a very good documentary."


"If you know a Browncoat who doesn't have Done The Impossible, or its soundtrack, you can't go wrong giving them one or both. Chances are that you'll enjoy them, too. If you are a Browncoat and don't have one or both... what were you thinking?"


Done The Impossible now on Amazon! 9/19/2006

We are back in stock with our second printing. So feel free to order away. Oh, and speaking of ordering, we were finally able to get our DVD (and our Soundtrack) up on Amazon! So you can now buy from our store right here or directly from Amazon.

So far we are ranked #14,356 in DVDs at Amazon... wanna see how high we can get?

Also, did you enjoy our DVD? If so, please drop by Amazon and write a review. And if you were planning on picking up an extra copy of Firefly or Serenity, why don't you buy it at the same time as our documentary, that will help them associate the two in their database. Thanks!


We will be screening our documentary at Mountain Con right here in our home town of Salt Lake. The screening is Saturday Sept 23 at 4 pm. Hope to see you there.

News and Events Archive 09/19/2006

The news and events posts to the "Done the Impossible" website became over whelming. So we created an archive page to house posts prior to 09/19/2006.

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