Done the Impossible has gone
Gold Master!! Comic Con screening
& soundtrack announcements.

And now the news you've all been waiting for... Done The Impossible has gone Gold Master!

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Actually we went gold on Monday night, but we've all been trying to get some sleep and some "normal" work done since then. Surprise, surprise, we massively underestimated the amount of effort it would take to get through the final push, but it's done. Actually, in truth, it was a combination of underestimating the work and constantly trying to improve and perfect the final product. The DTI crew along with a bunch of our friends and family and the crew of Rivetal worked nearly 24 hours a day for the last two weeks. I myself had maybe 20 hours of sleep total in a period of 10 days. I'm still feeling the after effects.

We truly believe that you will enjoy the final product, we weren't kidding when we said that the DVD would have more special features than the Firefly and Serenity DVDs combined. This DVD is PACKED with content. On the DVD-ROM* alone, there are over 6000 synced events including searchable script, commentary and all 5 hours of bonus video; synced factoids, 'verse dictionary terms hyper-linked from the live transcript, and biographies of dozens of fans and cast and crew of Firefly / Serenity. I can say with a fair amount of confidence, that the DVD-ROM of Done The Impossible, is arguably one of the most media rich highly interactive DVD-ROMs ever created.*

And on the main DVD part of the disc, we have the 80 minute documentary (of course), the interactive timeline (which took me, Jeremy, 4 months to create and program), Trivia Quiz, 'Verse Dictionary, Commentary, Tribute to Lux, What is Firefly? - Read by Jewel Staite and much more including 5 unbelievable easter eggs.

So for the record, we will be getting discs back just in time for Comic Con (probably to the hour). We will be taking a few hundred copies with us to the con, and back at home, at the same time, we will begin shipping the DVD pre-orders in the order in which they were placed.

Here are some screenshots and a video:
Main Menu, Bonus Menu, Interactive Timeline, Music Menu, IVEX DVD-ROM, Animation Main Menu to Scene Selection (QuickTime).


The final version of Done the Impossible will be shown at Comic Con Saturday night at 8p in room 6B. We will also be showing off the DVD special features, and having a short Q&A. Done the Impossible T-Shirts, Posters, Soundtrack CDs will also be available at the Browncoat table.


We are formally announcing the immediate availability of the official Done the Impossible soundtrack. With music from Rob Kuhlman, Emerald Rose, Broddingnagian Bards, The Bedlam Bards, Dan Sehane, Michelle Dockrey and Tony Fabris. Full details coming soon, as was mentioned above, the soundtrack will be available for purchase at the Comic Con Browncoat table, and on our website as soon as we return.


* For those not clear about the difference between DVD and DVD-ROM, I will explain now: DVD is the experience you get when you put a DVD disc in your set-top DVD player. However, DVD players aren't very technologically sophisticated compared to a modern computer, so in addition to the DVD, we also put a bunch of files (2.5 Gigs worth to be exact) that only a computer (Mac or PC) can work with on same disc. Thus if you put the DVD into your computer and launch the program "Start IVEX DVD-ROM", you get a completely new, and far more sophisticated experience.

May Production Update and Release Date 5/28/2006

Unfortunately today's update going to look a lot like the last update, for a couple of reasons. First, the last 2-3 weeks we have been a bit less productive than usual due to some insane deadlines at our day jobs (for the record, 4 of the 5 producers of Done the Impossible, work at the same company, Rivetal, Inc., and our star client New Line, has kept us VERY busy with some DVD-ROM projects.). But those deadlines are now behind us and we are back to spending every free minute on the documentary DVD. The second reason is that the individual features are so extensive, that we are still working mostly on those same features.

Here is where we stand on the various elements:
  • The Documentary is done, DONE, DONE, including closing credits, color correction and final music selection.
  • Jewel's voice over has been integrated into the DVD features. Here's a sample.
  • The six (yes 6+) hours of bonus video for the DVD-ROM is edited and transcribed and is ready for final event syncing.
  • The tribute to Lux video is finished including a special new song from the Bedlam Bards.
  • All the trivia questions have been written, and now we have to create all the question screens.
  • Commentary track is fully edited and ready for import into the DVD project.
  • "What is Firefly?" and its associated feature "A Tribute to Firefly" written by Tracy Hickman & Brian Wiser, has been recorded by Jewel. We still have to come up with some kind of animation to go along with it.
  • The Equality Now video is complete.
  • We aren't all that happy with our first attempt at the DVD menu design, so we are going to work some more on it.
  • Production on Music, Sponsors, 'Verse Dictionary and the DVD credits sections have yet to be started.
  • The DVD-ROM programming will start in the next week or two.
  • Final DVD authoring and programming has begun.
  • That leaves the Interactive Timeline, which is still in heavy media production. I just did the math today, and this feature alone contains over 1800 different media elements.

Discuss this on our forum.


And now for the news you probably been waiting for. A release date!...sort of. Barring any unforeseen tragedies, we will be shipping DVDs *BEFORE* Comic-Con on July 20th (yes this year... sheesh), probably sooner.

That means it took almost exactly one year from beginning of filming to final release on DVD. Certainly longer than we had planned, but considering the complexity and quite frankly, the quality, its certainly not an unreasonable timeframe. (Less time than Serenity took to produce and at 1/2000th the budget. Heh...)


Also of note, we have been accepting credit card orders for some time now. The credit card transaction is through PayPal, but no PayPal account needed. When you get to the PayPal order screen just press the button that says you don't have a PayPal account. Even though it might seem otherwise, you will NOT be required to create an account with PayPal.

Another (long) Production Update / Starfest 4/15/2006

For those of you (im)patiently waiting for a certain DVD to show up in your mailbox, it's getting much closer. As we announced before, the documentary itself is complete and is going through final color correction this weekend.

The DVD special features are also really coming together. The biggest part is the Interactive Timeline, and all of the media production work for that is nearly finished (except the voice over, see announcement below).

The commentary track was recorded in the middle of the night in Jeremy's theater a couple of weeks ago (oddly enough, we had a gang drive-by shooting across the street, mere minutes after we finished recording - rather unexpected, considering "Mormonville", Utah isn't exactly the ghetto.)

Production for the extensive DVD-ROM features is well under way and we have started the actual DVD authoring as well.

In looking back at the news, it looks like we never formally announced that Adam Baldwin is hosting our DVD. So consider this the official announcement. We shot our hosting bits with him back in December, the day before Flanvention. He was so cool to work with. The consummate professional.

Also, we'd like to announce that Jewel Staite has agreed to do the voice-over work for the various DVD and DVD-ROM features on the disc, including the Interactive Timeline. We will be recording the voice over work with her this week, just before she leaves to start filming her new movie.

We realize this is taking much longer to get out the door than we had originally hoped (and announced), but rest assured, we've been working on it into the wee hours of the night nearly every night for months now. And we are doing everything we can to make it something you'll be proud to own.

Here's a partial list of what you'll get on the disc:
  • The Documentary (almost 90 minutes long),
  • Interactive Timeline (screenshot 1, 2)
  • Trivia
  • 'Verse Dictionary
  • Commentary
  • 'What is Firefly?' - mini-doc
  • Music Videos
  • Interactive Viewing Experience DVD-ROM with:
    • Over six hours of extended VIP and fan interviews
    • Printable Fan artwork, recipes and songs.
    • Printable Posters and Guerilla Marketing materials
    • Fan and VIP Biographies
    • Conversion stories
    • Live Transcript with links glossary terms
    • A Running Fan Count
    • All searchable, cross-indexed and obsessively interactive.

All this and a few surprises as well.

Done the Impossible producers - Jeremy and Brian will be in Denver next weekend to show the documentary at Starfest '06. We were hoping to have copies on-hand to sell, but alas, that will not to be the case. The doc will be showing Saturday Night at 9pm, and we will have a panel immediately after. Hope to see many of you there.

Production Update 3/01/2006

Sorry for the slow updates, we've been a bit busy. :) Here is the latest... Our world premiere at WonderCon was a great success, the room was pretty much standing room only and we heard nothing but positive comments from those in attendance. It's so exciting to have people reacting exactly as you hoped at various moments in the film.

For those of you wondering where your DVDs are, the documentary itself is finished (except for final color correction pass), and we are working full time on the DVD special features, which we have (boldly?) stated will be more extensive than the Firefly and Serenity DVDs combined. Production of those special features will take a few more weeks, and then DVD replication will take a couple of weeks after we are finished. Keep an eye on this site for future updates. Thank you for your patience, we are striving to make sure that the DVD you get will be worth the wait.
Done The Impossible World Premiere at WonderCon 1/20/2006

We are excited to announce that the World Premiere of Done the Impossible will be shown on February 10 at WonderCon! Thank you WonderCon and to those that helped make this premiere possible. This does mean that the documentary will be done soon, and for those wondering where your pre-orders are, it means that the DVD isn't far behind. However, we are producing a first class DVD filled with special features . So DVD production will take a few weeks beyond the world premiere. Thank you for your patience.
AbbyShot Browncoat Winner! 1/19/2006

Congratulations to Adam Arnold for winning a beautiful, custom-made suede Browncoat from AbbyShot. And a special thank you to AbbyShot for making this possible.
Jewel Staite compliments our documentary 12/28/2005

We gave all the actors attending Flanvention a copy of the rough cut of the documentary. Jewel had some pretty nice things to say about it in her latest blog.
"...I was given a copy of Done the Impossible, a documentary of the Firefly/Serenity journey that was produced by browncoats, featuring browncoats, and it really blew me away."

Last Chance to Win a Browncoat* 12/26/2005

There is less than a week left in our contest to win a custom made Browncoat replica from AbbyShot (a $478 value!) For every copy of "Done The Impossible" pre-ordered up until the strike of midnight on the 31st of December, you will be entered into a contest to win.
Christmas Certificate 12/22/2005

If you are giving Done The Impossible as a gift, we have created a certificate for you to download to give in place of the DVD for now.
Download color version (.pdf)
Download black and white version (.pdf)
Production Update 11/27/2005

We've now been editing for over 2 weeks, and we've trimmed 30+ hours of footage down to less than 10, so progress is being made. But it's quickly becoming obvious that the DVDs won't be ready in time for Christmas. We realize that some of you bought the DVD for Christmas presents. So, in order for you to still have something put put under the tree, we will be posting a certificate soon.

Also, for those of you coming to Flanvention we still have plans show a *very* rough cut.

Win a Browncoat from AbbyShot 11/23/2005

Order a Done The Impossible DVD between now and December 31 and you'll be entered into a contest to win a Browncoat replica from AbbyShot.

Fans approached AbbyShot, literally demanding that they reproduce clothing from the series. The Firefly fans succeeded in making the staff of AbbyShot into real Firefly fans themselves. In July 2005, AbbyShot Browncoat and AbbyShot Zoe Vests were developed and made available for fans around the world. Made from real leather and suede at exceptionally high levels of garment construction quality, these clothes are the ultimate in Browncoat style. Check them out at:

AbbyShot Browncoat
AbbyShot Zoe Vest

Flanvention Weekend Pass winner 11/16/2005

We have drawn the name of the winner for the Weekend Flanvention passes. Congratulations.

Production Update 11/13/2005

We completed the majority of filming in October and are currently editing, though we are still looking to get interviews with Nathan and Jewel. We ran into a technical incompatibility that put us back a couple of weeks, but it's now solved. We had planned to start shipping in November, but we still have at least 2 weeks of editing and DVD authoring to do, and there is about a 2 to 3 week wait time for replication. So in great "Serenity" tradition I'm afraid we are going to have to announce that the release date has been pushed back, we will not be shipping discs this month. But rest assured, we are making serious progress and can't wait for you all to see the final product. At the same time we don't want to rush this too much, we'd rather get it right.

In the mean time we have posted a new teaser for you to enjoy. We call it "Celebrity Interview Highlights".

We want to make one thing clear however, our documentary is about you, the Firefly fan. It's not a 'making of' or 'behind the scenes' documentary, it's the Browncoat story, from our perspective, so the Firefly "celebrities" actually play a relatively small part in the documentary (we actually interviewed them like they were any other fan of the show). But, we thought it would be fun for you to see some highlights from their interviews anyway, so enjoy."

Do you have story to share? 10/19/2005

There are many more great Browncoat stories that we'd like to tell in our documentary than we have time for. So this is your chance to have your Firefly / Serenity story included in written form on the special features of the DVD. Tell us your conversion story or a story about how Firefly, Serenity or the Browncoat community have effected your life.

Click Here to Submit Your Story
News and Events Archive 10/19/2005

The news and events posts to the "Done the Impossible" website became over whelming. So we created an archive page to house posts prior to 10/19/2005.

Click Here to View Posts Made Before 10/19/2005