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Done the Impossible DVD
$12.95 + s/h
Done the Impossible DVD
(NTSC Region 0)

- Hosted by Adam Baldwin, Voice-Over by Jewel Staite and featuring interviews with cast, crew and dozens of fans like you, including: Alan Tudyk, Christina Hendricks, Christopher Buchanan, Geoffrey Mandel, Greg Edmonson, Jewel Staite, Joss Whedon, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Loni Peristere, Margaret Weis, Mary Parent, Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion, Orson Scott Card, Rafael Feldman, Ron Glass, Tim Minear, Tracy Hickman, and Yan Feldman.

- Interactive Timeline, Trivia Game, 'Verse Dictionary, What is Firefly? essay, Music Videos, Tribute to Lux, Charities Featurette, Commentary, and five shiny Easter Eggs.

- The DVD-ROM features a highly innovative, media-rich experience, and includes: the Interactive Viewing Experience and 6+ hours of Extended Interviews.

- Discounted from MSRP of $19.95.

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